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Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps

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The 3P Prinz ranges of Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps are low speed rotary positive displacement pumps available in a wide range of wetted materials.  With multiple porting and seal options, these versatile pumps are self priming, can move liquids with suspended solids and they give low pulsing accurate output. 


Petrochemical Industry Light & Heavy Hydrocarbons Lubricating Oil Bitumen & Tar
Benzene & Toluene Gasoline Phenol
Diesel Fuel Oil Crude Oil
Fluids from the Refinery Process Petrochemical Products All types of oils

Chemical Industry

Acids and Concentrated Acids Solvents Lubricating Oils
Aliphatic & Sulphuric Acids Additives Wax
Glycerin Latex Polyoils
Glues Alkaline Solutions Emulsions
Soaps & Detergents Caustic Soda Solvents
Liquid Sulfur Rubber Suspensions Paraffin
Plasticizers Starches Oily Muds
Polymers / Fibers Suspensions Polyester Resins

Marine & Shipbuilding

Transfer of Tanker Fluids Fuel Oil Diesel
Bilge Water Mud, Sludge, Ooze Seawater
Recycled Oil Waste Oil Sewage
Cargo Load & Offload Service Fluids & Water Residues

Oil & Gas (Auxiliary Pumping Services)

Chemical Products All types of oils Crude Oil
Light & Heavy Hydrocarbons Bitumen & Tar Muds

Pulp & Paper

Acid Water Iso-cyanate Caustic Soda
Mud Several Process Fluids Starch
Cellulose / Fibers Suspensions Glues Fuel Oils

General Industry

Colouring, Inks & Pigmented Pastes Thickeners Additives
Industrial Water Lye Sewage
Enamels & Paints Emulsions Lime

Food & Beverage & Pharmaceutical

Vegetable & Animal Oils Fruit Juices, Pastes, Jam Syrups and Molasses
Animal Fats Lecithin Cream
Alcohol & Liquors Chocolate Caramel & Fudge
Sauces & Dough Dairy Products Wines
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