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Thermoplastic Immersible Centrifugal Pumps

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The ARBO range of thermoplastic immersible pumps are single stage centrifugal pumps designed for installation in sumps or open tanks. The pump end is immersed in the pumped liquid and the motor remains above the liquid surface and so they are the ideal choice for any chemical handling application where metal pumps suffer from corrosion. ARBO immersible pumps are machined from solid block and as their manufacture involves no injection moulding or welding, they are not susceptible to stress cracking. All the pumps are supplied in polypropylene as standard, with options of HMPE, PVDF and PTFE for more corrosive liquids or where higher temperatures or high solid concentrations are involved. 

ARBO immersible pumps use a liquid seal with no mechanical parts in the process liquid. This seal design together with the fact that the shaft bearings are outside the pumped liquid and the shaft is self-centring means that ARBO immersible pumps can be dry run. The special impeller design is half open so solids up to 4 mm can be pumped without damage and aeration and foaming are prevented even when circulating at low tank levels.

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