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Thermoplastic Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Pumps

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The ARBO range of thermoplastic mechanical seal centrifugal pumps are the ideal choice for any chemical handling application where metal pumps suffer from corrosion. ARBO pumps are machined from solid block and as their manufacture involves no injection moulding or welding, they are not susceptible to stress cracking. The pumps are available in three configurations - the KR SealPro close coupled design with plastic bracket for flows up to 50 m³/hr, the KR Chemical close coupled design with metallic bracket for flows up to 500 m³/hr and the TK Chemical long coupled design for flows up to 500 m³/hr. Both the KR and TK Chemical designs are dimensioned to ISO 2558 / DIN-EN 22585 and so can be easily interchanged with existing metallic pumps on site and the long coupled TK Chemical series are back pullout design and so can be serviced without disassembling the pipework.

All the pumps are supplied in polypropylene as standard, with options of HMPE, PVDF and PTFE for more corrosive liquids or where higher temperatures or high solid concentrations are involved. ARBO supply a range of mechanical seals including their own design of single and double mechanical seals and can provide modified pumps for highly abrasive liquids with high solids content. As well as offering close coupled designs, ARBO pumps can also be vertically mounted for sites where space is at a premium.

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