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The CT MAG-MS series of leak free magnetically coupled multi-stage turbine pumps consists of two stage and four stage designs for differential heads to 500 metres.  All the range is available with an optional centrifugal suction impeller infront of the turbine impeller thereby reducing the NPSH required by the pump as low as 0.5 metres.  This makes the CT MAG-MS series ideal for leak free high pressure pumping of near-boiling, volatile or high vapour pressure liquids such as refrigerants.

Available as standard in corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel construction, the CT MAG-MS pumps can also be supplied in Hastelloy C, Incoloy and Duplex.  Four different sleeve bearing combinations are available including a metallized carbon for short term dry running to prevent major failure in the event of a system upset.

All the M Pump turbine pumps incorporate major components in an easily removable cartridge to allow the pump to be quickly and easily serviced in situ, thereby minimising downtime.

The range is available as a close coupled design so the pump/motor unit is kept as small as possible, minimising space requirements on site and helping remove alignment issues.

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