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HY Series

  • Overview
  • Materials
  • Pressure / Capacity Envelope
  • Driver
  • Applications


Nikkiso HY Series canned motor pumps are centrifugal pumps which due to their construction are hermetically encapsulated. The shaft seal usually required on centrifugal pumps is not necessary. The pumps are driven by integrated canned motors. Space requirements and noise emissions are much lower than those of conventional centrifugal pumps. The HY Type is designed for hot fluid applications up to 250 deg C without external cooling.

HY Graphic

  • Compact size
  • Axial thrust balanced for long bearing life
  • Bearing wear monitoring
  • For liquid temperature up to 250 deg C with no external cooling requirement
  • Nikkiso block building system
  • Heating jackets for pump / motor available
  • Spare parts interchangeable with SGM Series
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