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Batch transfer of acidic chemicals at a personal care products manufacturer

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of magnetically coupled Liquiflo gear pumps on a highly aggressive chemical plant duty which were installed in 1996 and are still in service today, more than 20 years later.


The company is a leading UK manufacturer of an extensive range of industrial chemicals, including surfactants and personal care products.


The requirement was for 3 pumps to batch transfer a range of acidic and chloride based chemicals on a daily basis operating up to 5 days per week.  Transfer rates are variable but are in the region of 700 kg/hr at around 3.5 bars differential pressure.


With the extremely aggressive nature of the chemicals being handled, pumps manufactured in Hastelloy C276 were selected.  Due to the low viscosity of the product a Hastelloy drive gear with Ryton idler were selected to eliminate gauling of the gears though lack of lubrication.  The shafts were also Hastelloy running in Teflon bushings.

External gear pump Smooth pulseless flow Accurate delivery
Magnet drive Sealless Zero leakage.  Reduced maintenance costs with no dynamic seal replacement
Hastelloy-C construction  Corrosion resistant harder wearing Extended pump life
Close coupled Compact design  Reduced footprint allowing more available workspace
Inverter rated motors Varaible speed control Accurate pump delivery