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Pumping Additives to Prevent Nappy Rash

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of magnetically coupled gear pumps in the metering of the rash prevention additive (Resinol) for disposable diapers.


A global manufacturer of consumer goods and papers has developed a specialty application for disposable baby diapers. The company develops innovative products to meet the needs of consumers based on its assessment of consumer needs and behaviors.


A pump is used to meter the medical product, Resinol, into the paper fibers used in making disposable baby diapers to prevent diaper rash. Diaper rash is a common problem for babies who wear both cloth and disposable diapers. This innovation falls in line with the company’s focus to develop materials and functions that ensure a broader selection of cost effective, value added products.


Micropump GC series external gear pumps are direct coupled to a three phase inverter controlled AC motor.

External Gear Pump Design Smooth, pulse-free flow  Easy to monitor, easy to control
Simple to service and maintain Reduced downtime and less production lost
Accurate, pulse-less output Consistent application of Resinol to paper fibers is quality assured
Magnetic Coupling Containment of the pumped fluid Reduced chemical and environmental hazards - no leakage in the plant
No rotating seals to fail Extended pump operation between servicing means reduced downtime
Leak free pumping No cross contamination of the pumped fluid
Inverter Controlled AC Motors Motor output speed can be easily adjusted Chemical dose can be adjusted automatically