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CHP Unit Coolant Recirculation

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of magnetically coupled external gear pumps in the recirculation of water coolant within small-scale Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units.


A company that applies its expertise in small, efficient CHP units is committed to developing alternative solutions to address the challenges of reducing emissions, increasing fuel efficiency and improving energy security in the domestic home heating and electrical power generation market.


Innovations in fuel cell technology have led to the development of small-scale CHP units that incorporate fuel cells and offer energy efficiency. Gear pumps are used in the recirculation of de-ionized (ultra pure) water coolant within CHP units and to meter the flow of the water coolant. The smooth flow and accurate metering of the pump, equipped with a system of feedback, provides developers with essential data for evaluating the operating efficiencies and heat transfer characteristics of CHP units


Micropump GA Series suction shoe design gear pumps are direct coupled to a brushless 24VDC motor with control of the input speed and a tachometer for feedback of the actual motor speeds.

External Gear Pump Design Smooth, pulse-free flow Easy to monitor, easy to control
Simple to service and maintain Reduced downtime and less production lost
Accurate, pulse-less output Consistent metering of components
Shoe suction style gear pumps self compensate for wear Highly efficient at high temperatures
Magnetic Coupling Containment of the pumped fluid Reduced leakage for components
No rotating seals to fail Extended pump operation between servicing means reduced downtime
Leak free pumping No cross contamination of the pumped fluid
Feedback of pump speed Feedback of inner driven magnet speed
Inverter Controlled Permanent Magnet DC Motors Motor output speed can be easily adjusted Accurate metering of components