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Sampling Crude Oil Derivatives for Analysis

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of hydraulically flexed diaphragm pumps as the pumping and metering component of analysis equipment used in a crude oil refinery operation.


A supply chain solutions company and industry leader in providing pipes, valves, valve automation, fittings, mill/tool supplies, safety products and associated equipment to a number of industries in the energy and industrial market sectors has developed an analysis equipment package to be used in assessing crude oil refinery processes in Kazakhstan.


An on stream hydrogen sulphide and mercaptan analysis equipment package is operated at a refinery in Kazakhstan. The plant was constructed with outdated design and manufacturing processes and it is not well maintained. A sample feed booster pump is used to pump refined crude oil derivatives for analysis.


Hydracell D03 Series hydraulically flexed piston diaphragm pumps are close coupled to variable speed AC inverter controlled motors. Pumps are supplied with toolkits and a significant number of fluid end kits to support use at the Kazakhstan refinery. 

Flexed Diaphragm Pump Design Simple to service and maintain Reduced downtime and less production lost
High pressure discharge for small flow rates High efficiency pumping and reliable flow control
Accurate metering with near zero pulsations Can handle a range of pressures, flows and fluid viscosities
Precision electronic flow control Versatility in changing applications
Hydraulic Coupling Near balanced pressure on both sides of the pump Unstressed diaphragm offers optimum life and performance
Close coupling Simplifies installation and eliminates misalignment of pump and motor
Inverter Controlled AC Motors Reliable and repeatable metering or pressure control Metering capacity of pressure can be adjusted automatically