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Ion Exchange Resin Manufacturing

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of low capacity gear pumps for a global ion-exchange resin manufacturer’s R&D laboratory.


Purolite is a world leader in resin-based separation, purification and extraction technology.


Purolite’s R&D laboratories and pilot plants are used to develop and test the company’s latest products and developments. Pumps are required to circulate, dose and transfer a variety of chemicals at low/medium capacities. ATEX compliance is a necessity, and leak-free pumping is desirable for safety and cleanliness. To be suitable, the pump must also be compact to save on space, precise for repeatability, and durable to handle occasional bumps.


Micropump seal-less magnetically coupled GA and GC series external gear pumps, equipped with appropriate ATEX-certified motors and controls, are able to meet the precision and accuracy requirements needed for reliable and robust performance.

External gear pump design Smooth, pulse-free flow Easy to monitor and control
Accurate output
Magnetically driven Seal-less design, no leakages No spillage of potentially harmful liquids, no wastage
Compliance with ATEX Adheres to all site regulations Safe to use
NdFeB magnets Compact design More plant workspace
Increased torque capabilities
316 Stainless Steel construction Excellent corrosion resistance Suitable for use with a wide range of chemistries

Patrick Gilbert , Purolite’s R&D Manager has been using Micropumps for several years. He states: “I am happy to give the highest rating to MSE for service, and their technical expertise. The Micropumps supplied are robust, easy to use and affordable on any production scale”.