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High pressure cooling of grinding wheels in machine tools

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of a hydraulically flexed diaphragm pump to cool machine tools.


The cooling of machine tools is vital to ensure that heat is dissipated adequately and hence the product being worked on is not damaged by the process.


A leading UK manufacturer of stainless steel small hand tools had previously used a high flow, low pressure centrifugal pump for coolant transfer on grinding processes; however this pump was unable to wet the grinding wheels sufficiently. This often resulted in clogging and over-heating, and hence reduced production.

Michael Smith Engineers supplied the client with a high pressure, low flow triplex diaphragm pumps as an alternative. The high pressure capability of these pumps ensures that the grinding wheels do not clog, and the client has since reported a 15% increase in production as they have been able to increase the grinding speed. Downtime has also been reduced as the grinding wheels require less frequent cleaning.


Hydra-Cell G03 triplex diaphragm pump close coupled to an AC fixed speed motor has been installed to pump the coolant.

Stainless steel pump head  Corrosion resistant  Long pump life 
Triplex diaphragm design Virtually pulse-less flow  Smooth, consistent spraying 
Hermatically sealed diaphragms  Zero leakage of coolant  No spillages, no wastage 
Hydraulically balanced diaphragms  Stress on the diaphragms is significantly reduced  Reduced down-time 
High pressure capability  Better removeal of build up from the grinding wheel  Reduced down-time 
Grinding wheels do not clog Increased production speed
Close coupled  Compact design  More plant workspace