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Particle Analyser Feeding

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of external gear pumps in visual particulate analysis processes.


A leading manufacturer of Visual Process Analyzers (ViPA) for water treatment applications provides real-time, high-resolution video to detail the size and concentration of up to eight particulate populations in a single sample medium.To better visualize, and thus analyze, the particulate matter present in media, particularly fuels and hydraulic oils, the company developed analytical instruments to provide high-resolution imagery of the particles present in the media. Video imaging and imagine analysis software provide detailed information relative to the size, type and concentration of the particles found in media.


This innovation involves sampling media to determine and characterize the particulate matter that is present. A pump is used to provide a pressurized feed of organic sample media for the visual particulate analysis process. The feed is composed of organic liquid with hard particles that will be classified as a specific type.


Micropump external gear pumps are magnetically coupled to inverter rated DC motors with position encoders and speed controllers.

External Gear Pump Design Smooth, pulse-free flow Easy to monitor, easy to control
Simple to service and maintain Reduced downtime and less production lost
Accurate, pulse-less output Consistent application of ion exchange media
Magnetic Coupling Containment of the pumped fluid Reduced chemical and environmental hazards - no leakage in the plant
No rotating seals to fail Extended pump operation between servicing means reduced downtime
Leak free pumping No cross contamination of the pumped fluid
Inverter Controlled AC Motors Motor output speed can be easily adjusted Volume feed rates can be adjusted automatically