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Polymer Metering in Paper Production

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of conventional mechanically sealed gear pumps in the metering of oil based polymer additives that are used in making paper and cardboard sheets.


The UK’s largest manufacturer of recycled cardboard and specialist papers processes more than one million tons of waste paper into a range of high quality corrugated board, papers and cards each year. The recycled products are then used in many different industry sectors to include the construction, food, tissue, stationary and education sectors.


Gear pumps are used to meter the oil-based polymer additive that is pumped into pulp slurry and then spread onto the rotary felts that are used to make paper and cardboard sheets. The polymer additive helps to create a more even quality card/paper board, speeds up dispersion across the felt to increase the volume of card/paper produced and also speeds up the dewatering process on the felt to increase throughput. The polymer additive is fed from bulk tanks and then pumped and metered into the raw pulp.


Liquiflo 314 series mechanically sealed gear pumps are long coupled to inverter rated motors.

Mechanically Sealed External Gear Pump Design


Smooth pulse-free flow Easy to monitor and control
Simple to service and maintain Reduced downtime and less production lost
Accurate, pulse-less output High efficiency pumping and reliable flow control
High pressure discharge for small flow rates Consistent application of the polymer additive
Low shear on pumped product  
Inverter Controlled
Motor output speed can be easily adjusted Additive dose can be adjusted automatically