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Tough Pumps Solve Sand Resin Mix Dispensing Problem

Using conventional metering pumps to dispense controlled amounts of a special sand and resin mixture into moulds was proving to be a difficult challenge for a manufacturer of ceramic shower trays. Due to the highly abrasive nature of the mixture which had a viscosity of between 10,000 to 15,000 cps and with suspended solids content of approximately 80% the conventional metering pumps were failing. This was primarily as a result of their valves and diaphragms becoming clogged and wearing out due to the effects of the highly abrasive mixture.

To solve the problem Hydra-Cell high pressure pumps were installed on the dosing machine which needed to deliver the sand and resin mixture at flow rates of between 6 to 7 lit/min and discharge pressures of between 5 to 6 bar. The Hydra-Cell G25 pump selected to operate on this slow running, medium pressure pumping application featured a cast iron pump head, Buna diaphragms with 316 stainless steel valves and seats. To ensure the necessary flow for this application the feed tank was installed 2 metres above the pump and fitted with a large diameter inlet pipe to ensure a good feed.

Despite 9 months of almost continual operation, the Hydra-Cell pumps required no maintenance and therefore the problems of pump failure and the resulting downtime have been eliminated.

In the future, to extend the mean time between servicing even further, harder wearing ceramic valves and seats will be fitted instead of the existing stainless steel parts

Transferring highly abrasive mixtures is one of many potential applications for Hydra-Cell pumps which are available through pumping specialists Michael Smith Engineers Ltd. The range covers a wide range of flow rates from 0.4 lit/min up to 128 lit/min and pressures up to 172 bar, providing repeatable and accurate output. As well as coping with highly abrasive and viscous liquids, Hydra-Cell pumps can also handle a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial fluids across numerous applications including; food processing CIP, machine tool cooling, reverse osmosis & separation, spray drying, paper mill applications and oil production and refining.