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Drum Pumps and Barrel Pumps for Hypochlorite Transfer

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of barrel transfer pumps to transfer media for use in chlorination, mains testing and sterilization equipment systems within water company distribution networks.


A leader in mobile and fixed site water main chlorination equipment provides comprehensive solutions for water mains disinfection and background residual chlorine level boosting requirements within water company distribution networks. The company has developed chlorination equipment designed to operate via a proportional flow control system by either hydrant valve hydrant bypass (OxO) or direct injection at a predetermined point of application. This solution addresses both high and low-level chlorine boosting requirements at virtually any point in a water distribution network.


Transfer pumps are used to transfer solutions of sodium hypochlorite from both drums and IBCs to stock storage tanks onsite at chlorination plants for use in chlorination, mains testing and sterilization equipment systems.


TB Series barrel transfer pumps include direct connect motor mounts that allow for direct coupling to fixed or variable speed AC motor drives or air motor drives.


Barrel Transfer Pump

Small barrel pump Suitable for drums with small bung holes
Quick connect motor mount Available for use with multiple motor drives
Range of available accessories May be used with a variety of water distribution networks
Inverter Controlled Permanent Magnet DC Motors Motor output speed can be easily adjusted Amount of liquid can be adjusted automatically