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Air Operated PTFE Tubular Diaphragm Pumps

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Codip air operated tubular diaphragm pumps combine an innovative pump design with a robust construction using durable materials.  The result is a pump providing safe and reliable liquid transfer even when handling the most aggressive media.  These tubular diaphragm pumps resist the effects of viscous, abrasive and corrosive fluids.

The tubular diaphragm, which is 'the heart' of the system, operates with the process medium inside, and inert liquid outside, at the same internal and external pressure so this diaphragm is hydro-dynamically balanced.  This means that the differential pressure acting on the tubular diaphragm walls is always zero, therefore eliminating any diaphragm stress and resulting in an extremely long tubular diaphragm life.

In the Codip pumps with PTFE wetted parts, all component parts that come into contact with the pumped medium are isostatically moulded from pure virgin PTFE.  The pump has no mechanical seal, packing or o-rings that seal the pumped liquid from the environment, and it is therefore virtually impossible for the Codip pump to leak any pumped liquid into the environment.

The fact that the pump has secondary containment is another important feature of the Codip design which addresses the growing demand for sealless pumps and ensures zero leakage even in the unlikely event a diaphragm failure.

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