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NCR Series

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The Dickow NCR pump is a heavy duty centrifugal pump for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries designed and manufactured to comply with API 610/ISO 13709. The pumps can handle acids, alkalis, chlorinated hydrocarbons, heat transfer media (HTM), all kinds of hydrocarbon fuels, liquid sulphur, melted plastics, bitumen etc.

The NCR series consists of a large range of pump sizes and specifications with a maximum flow rate of 700 m³/hr and maximum differential head to 145 m at 2900 rpm and 220m at 3500rpm. A selection of construction materials and shaft sealing systems according to API 682 are available.

The pumps have a back pull out design and are centreline-mounted single stage overhung pumps. In order to take full advantage of the back pull-out design, spacer type couplings are recommended so that the motor can remain bolted to the base plate.

The single or double volute casings of standard design are cast in one piece with solid hubs. The design gauge pressure rating for the standard materials is 40 bar at 38°C. Pump flanges are full or spot faced on the back and designed for through bolting. A drain connection is available at the bottom. The radially split casings have metal-to-metal fits, with confined compression controlled gaskets to avoid blow outs.

Fully jacketed volute casings are available as an option. Pumps can be heated or cooled with water, steam or oil. Maximum allowable heating temperature is 330°C at 24 bar. Flanged connections for heating fluid are standard.

Closed impellers are standard. Impellers are cast in one piece with solid hubs. The impellers are keyed to the shaft and secured by a cap screw with Heli-Coil insert. The impeller thrust loads are hydraulically balanced by renewable wear rings. Special care was taken when designing the impeller eye to achieve low NPSH-values. Impellers are properly statically and dynamically balanced according API 610.

The pump shaft is supported by one radial roller bearing at impeller side and two combined radial thrust bearings at coupling side. Bearings are mounted directly to the shaft by means of shoulders. The thrust bearings are locked to the shaft by a nut with a tongue-type lock washer. Bearings are arranged for ringoil lubrication. Oil mist lubrication is available as an option. The calculated service life of bearings is in excess of 25000 hours.

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