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NKX Series

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The NKX Series are light duty centrifugal pumps for handling hot oils in industrial heating plants/units.  The performance range covers capacities up to 400 m3/hr and differential heads up to 90 m.  The dimensions and performance range comply with the requirements of EN 733.

The bearing bracket with additional air cooler is specially designed to handle heat transfer oil.  The mechanical seal is placed in an area at lower temperature and with only minimum exchange of heat transfer agent between pump casing and mechanical seal area.  With this new design, the application range of the pump is extended to 350°C, without water cooling.  The pump can be used in applications that required double acting metal bellow seal systems in other systems.  The maximum operating pressure at the mechanical seal is 10 bar.

An advantage of the NKX-pump design is that the mechanical seal chamber does not require manual, external filling and venting.  As the pump is self-venting, there is no need to collect and dispose any spilled oil, and no operating personnel may be harmed or injured during venting of the hot pump.

Even at high mechanical seal temperatures the danger of oil carbon deposits is greatly minimized through the lack of oxygen.  The cooling coil allows operation of the pump up to 3500 rpm.

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