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Stainless Steel Centrifugal (AC Series)

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The Finish Thomson AC Series is a range of metallic, sealed centrifugal pumps designed for years of reliable service in the harshest chemical environments. ATEX-certified versions are available. Rugged 316 stainless construction provides superior chemical resistance and higher pipe loads. The cast iron motor adapter provides a sturdy motor-pump connection and is resistant to caustics such as sodium hydroxide.

AC Series pumps are compact, easy to operate and economically priced. The range consists of 4 models available in horizontal or vertical configurations with a maximum flow rate of 58 m³/hr and a maximum differential head to 53 m. AC pumps are suitable for transferring fluids with a viscosity range of 0.2 - 200 cP, typically water (including RO, DI, waste), cleaning solutions, light oils, heat transfer fluids, caustics, landfill leachate, salt solutions/brine, liquid fertilizers or solvents. AC pumps have a maximum operating temperature of 150°C and working pressure of 8.3 bar.

Many models feature multiple housings and a range of impeller diameters for increased hydraulic coverage. Versions are available with three impeller types: Closed for maximum efficiency, Open/Recessed for applications involving solids, and High Head when it is necessary to develop high head pressure at lower flow rates. Suction and discharge connections are available in multiple sizes in either NPT or BSP.  A range of mechanical seals in different material options are available for all pumps in the range.

Typical industrial uses include chemical processing, printed circuit board manufacture and waste water treatment. When constructed of FDA-compliant materials, AC Series pumps can also be used for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

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