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Accurate, valveless , rotary reciprocating piston pumps.

FMI rotary piston pumps are ideally suited for dispensing, filling and sampling duties.  With only one moving part and no valves to block, these compact units give continuous, accurate, positive displacement pumping over millions of cycles.

FMI metering pumps and dispensers are modular in design.  The Pump Head Modules can be easily removed for cleaning or replaced with a spare pump head for use with different fluids.  Some customers have separate pump heads for use with each fluid handled or flow rate desired.

When ordered together, Pump Drive Modules, Pump Head Modules, and options are mounted, tested and shipped as one unit.

Rotary reciprocating piston pumps and drives

Rotary reciprocating piston pumps and drives
  • Capacities from microlitres/hr to 2300 ml/min
  • Discharge pressures to 6.9 bar
  • Wide choice of wetted materials
  • Comprehensive range of drives and controllers
  • Very accurate output
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