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MT8 Triplex Metering Pumps

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Hydra-Cell MT8 Series pumps feature multiple diaphragms to minimize pulsations, offering virtually pulse-free operation and eliminating the need for expensive pulsation dampeners.  The pumps are designed to handle a variety of processing liquids at low flow rates and high pressures, exceeding API 675 performance standards for steady-state accuracy (±1%), linearity (±3%) and repeatability (±3%).  Electronic flow control increases accuracy and reliability (also available with a manual, variable speed gearbox for use in hazardous areas).

A replenishment valve system in every piston ensures optimum actuating oil on every stroke for continuous accuracy and also protects the pump from damage in the event of a blocked suction line.  Hydraulically-actuated, balanced diaphragms provide superior performance across the entire pressure range.

A “duplexing” option allows two MT8 pumps to run at the same flow rate with only one gearbox and one motor.  This doubles capacity with a smaller footprint and lower investment cost than conventional metering pumps.  Two different chemicals can be metered in a precise 1:1 ratio.

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