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Classic+ Lobe Pump

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If you're part of the British food and drink, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical industries, chances are you're already familiar with the Classic+ hygienic lobe pump from Viking Pump Hygienic (formerly Wright Flow Technologies). Renowned for its excellence, these pumps stand as a cornerstone in their category, and Michael Smith Engineers Limited takes great pride in offering sales and support for this exceptional product line, alongside the broader Viking Pumps Hygienic Range.

The Classic+ boasts a stellar hygienic design engineered to ensure the safe handling of a diverse array of substances, including sauces, pastes, oils, and various products crucial to the food and pharmaceutical sectors, all while meeting stringent food safety standards. Its straightforward disassembly procedure facilitates efficient cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance, with an interior finish crafted to 3-A standards. This ease of maintenance, coupled with swift internal access, minimises downtime, bolstering operational efficiency. Furthermore, spare parts and repair kits are readily available from UK stock.

In food and pharmaceutical applications, resistance to corrosive substances is paramount, ranging from peracetic acid sterilization to citric acid found in fruit juices. Constructed from 316L stainless steel, the Classic+ pump casing and rotor assembly ensure optimal durability and corrosion resistance, safeguarding longevity, and reliability.
The gentle handling of products is a crucial consideration not only in food processing but also in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. The Classic+'s gentle shear-sensitive pumping action efficiently transfers delicate substances while preserving product integrity, meeting the stringent demands of these industries.

A pump as universally esteemed as the Classic+ earns its reputation through a proven track record of reliability and durability, underpinned by comprehensive manufacturer support. Since 2007, Michael Smith Engineers Limited has proudly represented Viking Pump, earning recognition as the UK's foremost pump distributor. Our sales and service teams undergo rigorous and ongoing manufacturer training to ensure they deliver the highest standards of support. We supply pumps that promise the most cost-effective solution, offering long-term reliability, efficiency, and minimal downtime, ensuring a genuine return on investment.

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