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API 676 Internal Gear Pump

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The Viking API 676 Series are foot-mounted internal gear pumps, designed and manufactured to comply fully with the current version of American Petroleum Institute’s design standard for positive displacement pumps, API 676. Applications include oil, gas and petrochemical industries where exceptional reliability is required.

Viking’s seal chamber will accept almost any customer-specified brands and types of API 682-compliant Category 1, 2 or 3 cartridge mechanical seals, and can provide API seal plans to meet application requirements. The standard seal is a category 2 single mechanical seal. Viking offers balanced seals (Type A), metal bellows seals (Type B) or high temperature bellows seals (Type C).

The series consists of 7 sizes with a maximum flow rate of 365 m³/hr and a maximum differential head to 14 bar. The pumps are suitable for transferring fluids with viscosities up to 400,000 cP, such as crude oil, fuel oils, petrochemicals, solvents, polymers, waxes, basic chemicals, solvents and asphalt. The operating temperature range is -85°C to 430°C

With normalized and tempered steel casting construction, the pumps have ASME Class 300# RF flanged opposite ports with integral casing and bracket jackets. This allows reversible direction of flow for easy in-line piping and the ability to transfer product in either direction or strip a line of product. The pumps feature a flanged casing drain with vent port for complete liquid removal prior to maintenance.

Besides the features required by the API 676 standard, Viking offers many optional extras including:

  • Jacketing to melt ambient-temperature solids like bitumen before startup.

  • O-Ring seals on head and casing joints instead of gaskets for maximum sealing effectiveness.

  • Optional labyrinth seals on bearing housing for extended bearing life by minimising contamination.

  • Grease lubrication standard, enabling re-greasing of pump during operation, without the need for shutdown.

  • Easy end clearance adjustment to compensate for wear over time or for higher temperatures or viscosities, by simply rotating the threaded bearing housing.

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