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Hydra-Cell Patented Kel-Cell Diaphragm Protection

Diaphragm Position Control (DPC) Technology

Hydra-Cell D10 

Available on many Hydra-Cell models that use the fixed-angle cam/wobble plate operating principle, Kel-Cell DPC protects Hydra-Cell pumps by safeguarding the diaphragms against abnormal or adverse conditions such as:

  • Partially or completely blocked suction pipe or suction filter

  • Partly or completely closed suction isolation valve

  • Inadequate liquid supply

  • Excessively viscous fluids

  • Inadequate discharge pressure

  • Other conditions that result in excessive vacuum at the pump inlet

These conditions can result from system problems, poor system design, faulty installation, unplanned operational incident or other situations that cause the diaphragms to operate out of hydraulic balance and ultimately deform and rupture.

The Kel-Cell positioning system improves Hydra-Cell pump performance by stabilising the diaphragms in all such conditions and virtually eliminating the possibility of a diaphragm failure caused by adverse system conditions.

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