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Dickow magnet drive pump for pumping isopentaneAeroform are the world leaders in designing, manufacturing and installing specialist industrial equipment.

Toby Mankertz, Product Manager for Aeroform, explains the crucial role of the Dickow magnetic-drive pump, supplied by Michael Smith Engineers Ltd, in helping to establish the successful installation and operation of one such specialist plant, which has now been sold many times around the world.

“Several years ago, Aeroform bought the intellectual rights from Imperial Tobacco for a process that involves expanding tobacco volumetrically. Aeroform Process Engineers, with guidance from Michael Smith Engineers Ltd, selected a Dickow magnetic-drive pump for transferring Isopentane, a hydro-carbon, in batches, through a shell and tube heat exchanger, to a 500-litre pressurized reservoir, prior to vaporisation with steam into the tobacco to expand it volumetrically.”  

“The specification called for a pump capable of a low-flow, high-pressure duty and magnetic drive design to eliminate vapour and, or, product leakage and compliance with Atex Zone II. The Dickow pump met these criteria; plus, it was already known to Aeroform engineers for its quality and reputation for reliability.”

“The first plant, at a value of 5.5 million pounds, was shipped to the customer in Indonesia. During installation, unforeseen circumstances resulted in severe damage to all four Dickow pumps, creating what could only be described as an emergency situation.”

“The suppliers, Michael Smith Engineers Ltd, were onto the case straightaway for us and, thanks to their excellent relationship with Dickow, were able to assemble replacement pumps, delivered from Australia, for geographical proximity.”

“Michael Smith Engineers Ltd acted to ensure the installation was completed successfully and quickly and have proven to us they are a supplier we can truly rely on.” 

Toby Mankertz, Product Manager for Aeroform Ltd

Toby Mankertz