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Liquiflo for coating solutions

Harman Technology Ltd manufactures a range of imaging products.

The product quality relies on the precise application of coating solutions to the paper or film. For these sensitive and critical processes, Harman Technology Ltd uses Liquiflo pumps and Micropumps.

Richard Smith, Senior Process / Project Engineer for Harman Technology Ltd, says, “These pumps were selected and supplied by Michael Smith Engineers Limited. Their performance on our pilot plant and use for full scale production has shown them to be the right pump choice for these applications”

The pumps are inverter-driven, and linked to a downstream flow-meter. Smith adds, “Their pumping action is very low pulsation and they provide repeatable accuracy. We are very pleased with the pumps’ performance and have full confidence in the quality of our end products.”
“I, personally, have been working with Michael Smith Engineers Limited for over five years and find them extremely helpful. Their technical knowledge is very strong and their products competitively priced.”

“Overall, I would describe Michael Smith Engineers Ltd as one of our best-performing vendors.”

Richard Smith, Senior Process/Project Engineer