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Condensate Water Transfer Pumping

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of air operated tubular diaphragm pumps in a North Sea gas drying process.


A company that has expertise in sealing, insulation and water management offers professional and innovative services for the public, leisure, tourism, retail and food industries. The company specializes in water treatment, risk assessment and monitoring and provides expertise in site operations management and gas drying processes. The company supplies equipment to a leading petrochem company as part of the upgrade to their North Sea gas drying and conditioning plant. North Sea gas is extremely hazardous and must be handled with reliable and robust processes.


Pumps are used in the gas drying process to transfer condensate water from bulk storage tanks to process flare stacks for burning off of the gas. Condensate water includes a small percentage of tri-ethylene glycol and hydrocarbons. A seal-less double contained pump was requested to protect against the leakage of chemicals during the transfer process. A seal-less double containment pump with diaphragm rupture detection was chosen to reduce the risk of pollution to the environment and also to reduce the risk of explosion in the case of a diaphragm rupture.


Codip air-operated tubular diaphragm pumps, with air filter regulators, bulk transfer condensate water for gas drying operations using compressed air power. The compressed air system provides for the pump discharge capacity to be regulated by the air volume feed rate and the maximum discharge pressure capacity to be limited to the maximum air supply pressure.

Air-Operated Tubular Diaphragm Design Double containment diaphragms Ensures material containment and reduces chance of leakage into the environment
Rupture detection and barrier fluid Monitoring and early warning of potential leakage
Self priming Can run dry without damage
Compressed Air Powered Pump capacity and discharge pressure can be regulated Easily modified to meet process conditions