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HZV Series

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The Dickow HZV Series are vertical, multistage, long shaft pumps.  Common applications are unloading of fuels and solvents from underground tanks, e.g. for kerosene respectively jet fuel in hydrant systems for aircraft refuelling (Cat.1-design) and pumping condensate or ammonia (barrel casing design).

The performance range covers capacities up to 500 m3/h and differential heads up to 400 m.

The hydraulic part of the pump is designed to be mounted inside the vessel with the driving motor located outside.  The submersible length can be matched to your application.  All standard motors with normal shaft design can be used.  The motor is connected to the drive shaft with a suitable coupling. If spacer-type couplings are used, repair works on bearings and shaft sealing can be carried out without removal of the motor.

The closed impellers are hydraulically balanced by balance holes and wear rings to keep the thrust loads as small as possible.  The drive shaft is fixed axially through a grease lubricated, double-row angular ball bearing.  This ball bearing carries the rotor weight and the residual thrust loads.  A grease lubricated double seal ring protects the bearing from shaft sealing leakage.  To increase bearing running time (MTBF) the bearings can also be offered with oil lubrication. The running clearances are in accordance with API 610.

The complete shaft consists of the pump shaft, one or more column shafts and the drive shaft.  The single shafts are rigidly connected through screwed sleeve couplings.  The maximum lengths of the column shafts comply with the recommendations of the API 610 and are dimensioned to guarantee subcritical speed characteristics throughout the whole operating range.

The drive shaft bearings are grease lubricated and protected against shaft sealing leakage by two grease-filled radial seal rings. Several sleeve bearing options are available. For example, for handling liquids with solids, wear-resistant Silicon Carbide bearing sets are available.

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