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WPC Series

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The Dickow pump type WPC 831 T was developed especially for the use in tank trucks.  It is a single stage centrifugal pump with a ring channel on one side.  It is capable of attaining high heads and has self-priming ability and has a compact and space-saving design.  A mounting flange for the direct connection of a hydraulic motor is standard.

The pumps can handle clean liquids without solids, such as fuels and water.  Since side channel pumps are self-priming, they can also handle a mixture of liquid and gas.  This allows the maximum possible unloading volume from low tank levels.

To achieve the self-priming capability, high efficiency and rated differential pressure, there are tight clearances between the rotating impeller and the casing.  During priming, a stable fluid film between the impellers and the disks centres the impeller in the chamber.

Grease-lubricated ball bearings hold the shaft in place.  The shaft is sealed by a single mechanical seal.

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