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NCT Series

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The Dickow NCT/NMT Series are vertical, single-stage, single-flow, volute casing pumps with separate column pipe and discharge pipes.  The pumps have been designed for use in chemical, petrochemical and related industries for the handling of acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons, condensation products, solvents etc.  The hydraulic part of the pump is designed to be mounted inside the vessel with the driving motor located outside.

The submersible length can be matched to your application.  All standard motors with normal shaft design can be used. The motor shaft is connected with the pump shaft via an elastic coupling.  By using spacer type couplings, service on ball bearings or on the available shaft sealing system can be performed without removing the motor.

Designed for pressures up to 45 bar @ 238°C with a maximum capacity of 900 m³/h and differential head of 150 m.

The volute casing is a one piece casting and bolted to the column pipe via the intermediate casing. Pumps are available with heating jackets.

Closed impellers are standard. Impellers are cast in one piece and hydraulically balanced to reduce thrust loads to a minimum.  Residual loads are carried by the double ball bearings located in the motor support lantern.  Open impellers, for handling liquids containing solids such as slurries and suspensions, are available with some pump sizes.  The replaceable wear rings are held in place by a press fit with locking screws.  Additional impeller wear rings are available as an option.  The running clearances are in accordance with API 610.

The shaft assembly consists of the drive shaft, one or more intermediate shafts and the pump shaft.  These shafts are connected by rigid metallic plug-in couplings, secured by keys and locking fasteners.

The discharge and column pipes consist of seamless pipe material with welded connection flanges.  The cover plate (mounting flange), with drilled holes for pump installation, is made according to your specification.

The intermediate shafts and the pump shaft are guided by sleeve bearings which are corrosion and abrasion resistant. The maximum space between the shaft guide bearings follows the recommendation of API 610.

The drive shaft bearings are grease lubricated and protected against shaft sealing leakage by two grease-filled radial seal rings.  Several sleeve bearing options are available. For example, for handling liquids with solids, wear-resistant Silicon Carbide bearing sets are available.

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