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Motor Speed Series Internal Gear Pumps

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The Motor Speed Series of cast iron internal gear pumps from Viking Pumps is designed to deliver more efficient high speed performance at a lower total installed cost.  As the pumps have been designed to operate at standard 4-pole, 6-pole and 8-pole motor speeds, the need for speed reduction gearboxes, and their costs, are often eliminated.  Recently the range has been expanded with the addition of 3 new frame sizes with six new volumetric displacements covering capacities to 88 m³/hr at motor speeds or 132 m³/hr with speed reducers or gearboxes.

The Motor Speed Series pump head has been redesigned and now incorporate idler and rotor feed grooves to improve axial feed, a liquid directing step to reduce turbulence, a modified crescent to boost radial feed and improved port geometry to optimise flow paths. The pump rotor’s profile has also been increased so that the pump can move more liquid without seeing the effects of cavitation and on larger models, the standard idler material is hardened steel case hardened to 39 Rockwell C to limit the effects of erosion in the event of cavitation. The result of all these design improvements is that the pumps can be operated at higher speeds than before so you get a greater flow from a smaller pump than previously.

  • Heavy duty antifriction bearing shaft support for higher pressure and extended pump life
  • Behind the rotor seal ensures shaft and bearings are not exposed to the pumped liquid
  • Motor speed operation eliminates speed reduction equipment on thinner liquids
  • Pressure lubricated idler pin and bushing, increasing pump life
  • Threaded one piece bearing housing allows for end clearance adjustment
  • Sealed anti-friction bearings – eliminates the need for re-lubrication
  • Space-saving mounting configurations available to better match your installation needs:
    • Foot Mount
    • Motor Mount (Close-Coupled NEMA and IEC)
    • Vertical Inline Mount
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