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Universal Mag Drive Internal Gear Pumps

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The Viking Universal Mag-Drive series is a leak-free magnet drive internal gear pump design which is ideal for pumping hazardous, hard-to-handle liquids and for applications where very low maintenance is important.

These pumps offer a simple solution for upgrading existing Viking Universal Seal pumps from packed or mechanically sealed types to leak-free magnet drive design thereby eliminating the risks associated with seal failure.  This inter-changeability can also be achieved without the need for expensive and time-consuming re-piping thanks to the multiple port configurations combined with the wide range of sizes that Viking offer.


  • No packing or mechanical seals means no seal failure or replacement
  • Easily handles both high and low viscosity fluids
  • Reduce material loss, contamination and general housekeeping
  • Simple design, easy to maintain


  • Dimensionally interchangeable with Viking's Universal Seal and Heavy Duty Bracketed pumps
  • Proven sealless design
  • Simple solution for upgrading existing pumps
  • Short-term, dry-run capabilities for easy line clearing or emptying tanks without damaging the pump


  • Highest level of liquid containment available
  • Eliminates downtime due to seal replacement
  • Bi-directional pump design for enhanced application flexibility
  • Lower life cycle cost

Available Options

  • Multiple port sizes, types and ratings available including threaded, raised and flat face flanged
  • Jacketing options available for critical areas of pumps, including the casing, head and relief valve
  • Materials of construction - steel, stainless steel and cast iron
  • Special construction options for bushings, shaft, pin and clearances available
  • Protective device options include: power load monitor, temperature monitor and low flow detector
  • Other options include: casing and canister drains and gauge ports
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