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SG Series External Gear Pumps

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Viking's SG range of spur gear design external gear pumps are designed for high pressure pumping in low capacity applications.  SG pumps deliver longer seal and bearing life by preventing shaft movement and wear that cause competititors' pumps to fail prematurely.

SG Series Pumps were designed to ensure reliability in industrial process applications.  Because seal leakage is the most frequent cause of pump downtime, the SG Series minimizes shaft movement to significantly lengthen seal life.  Radial (side-to-side) movement or misalignment is prevented by close coupled motor mounts or outboard bearings for foot mounted pumps.  Axial (back-and-forth) movement is minimized by spur type gears, instead of helical gears which cause gear thrust on mating components.  As standard equipment, the SG Series' anti-friction needle bearings eliminate wear that journal bearings experience at startup and shutdown - when the hydrodynamic film of liquid is absent.  SG Series pumps have an extensive range of options to ensure the right seals, bearings and other features for the application. 

  • 29 sizes
  • C-flange, foot bracket or base mounting options
  • Ductile iron or cast iron construction
  • Lip seal, mechanical seal and Mag Drive options
  • Capacities to 45 m³/hr
  • Differential pressures to 172 bar
  • Viscosity range 0.1 to 250,000 cSt
  • Temperature range -84°C to +232°C
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