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PTFE Lined Pumps

Our four ranges of lined pumps combine the mechanical benefits of metallic casings with the chemical resistance of thermoplastics.  These pumps all feature no wetted metal components and are ideal for high purity applications, where contact with metallic components must be avoided, or for pumping inorganic acids, alkalis and salts that traditionally require expensive alloys.

PumpsFlow RangeMaximum Pressure 
Codip Tubular Diaphragm Pumps 300 l/min  10 bar More Info
Finish Thompson ETFE Lined Centrifugal Pumps 329 m³/hr  102 metres More Info
Liquiflo PTFE Lined Magnet Drive Gear Pumps 80 l/min  6.9 bar More Info

PTFE lined pumps from the UK's leading pump specialist, Michael Smith Engineers.