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New Finish Thompson Ultrachem pump models

12 Oct 2017

UC2110 Now Rated for 2-pole Operation

Previously limited to 4-pole operation the UC2110 is now approved for operation at both 4-pole and 2-pole speeds.  The UC2110 can produce heads up to 102 metres at 2900 rpm.

New Model - UC2110L

We have developed a low flow version of the UC2110 for applications that require higher heads but at lower flow rates (maximum flow rate is 17 m³/hr at 2900 rpm).

New Model - UC3110 - Unique to FTI

The UC3110 has the same performance as the UC2110 but has a 3” suction flange.  Why a 3” suction flange?  It allows users to connect a 3” suction pipe helping them provide adequate NPSHa.

New Options - Repair Cartridges

We have added two new repair options for our UC pumps.  These are for customers who have suffered a catastrophic pump failure but where the casing is still in good condition.

There are two options:

Wet End
Contains all of the wetted parts except the casing.  Also includes the front shaft support & thrust ring, clamp ring, drain cap & gasket and hardware.  Recommended when a catastrophic pump failure occurs, where the rear barrier hasn’t been breached and the pumps outer magnets and motor remain in good condition but the other wetted components have been damaged with the exception of the casing.

Pump End
Complete pump without the casing (or motor), includes the outer drive and shaft adapter, our package also includes the motor adapter, the casing stainless steel drain cap and gasket.  Recommended when catastrophic pump failure occurs, where the wetted components have been damaged, the rear barrier has been breached and the pumps outer magnets have been damaged but the casing is in good condition.

Our repair cartridges offer more parts further increasing value.

We include the front shaft support, thrust ring, casing drain cap and gasket.  In addition, our Pump End Cartridge includes the motor adapter.