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New options of leak-free, mag-drive pumps extends capabilities

01 Mar 2021

Reliable, leak-free pumping of hazardous, more challenging chemicals is a prerequisite in all chemical processing applications and sealless, magnetically driven pumps are the established preferred option. The Finish Thompson ULTRAChem (UC) Series of Tefzel (ETFE) lined centrifugal pumps represent a good example of well-engineered and durable leak-free pumps and following recent modifications there are new options resulting in extended capabilities and a wider performance envelope.

Available from Michael Smith Engineers the UC Series of pumps now includes the UC436L model, which features smaller impeller trims to allow for lower flows and heads and the UC3210 model which has been up-rated for 2-pole motors. The new 2-pole motor option operates at a higher rotation speed than the existing model and enables the pump to generate higher flows at higher heads, thereby extending its performance range. Also, the innovative single piece snap fit impeller / inner drive magnet feature has also been extended through all models in the ULTRAChem range helping to simplify maintenance and reduce servicing costs.

As with all the Finish Thompson ULTRAChem pumps these new options combine a tough ductile iron casing with an ETFE lining to ensure outstanding corrosion resistance and feature powerful neodymium magnets which drive the impeller through a carbon filled PTFE lined barrier for dependable, leak-free operation.

In addition, the pumps incorporate other features which optimise efficiency and performance ensuring minimal wear on components, lower running costs and extended periods between routine servicing. For example, a Dri-coat silicon carbide bearing / shaft option to prevent catastrophic failure in the event of short-term dry-running. Also, a two-piece dynamically balanced outer drive magnet with multiple pole options matches drive to motor for greater efficiency.

This outer drive magnet incorporates Finish Thompson’s “Easy-set” mounting system so that the drive magnet can be fitted to the motor shaft without having to measure the magnet set-height. This ensures a perfectly set magnet which removes the potential cause of misalignment and so improves safety and reliability.

Other features include a Kevlar reinforced barrier which reduces the air gap between driven and driving magnet and so maximises magnetic power to transmission. Using Kevlar for the barrier reinforcement enables maximum working pressure to be increased to 300 psi (20.7 bar).                                       

These latest options and features further underline the effectiveness of ULTRAChem pumps as the ideal choice for extreme pumping applications. These typically occur in chemical manufacturing, blending and distribution, water treatment, plating and surface treatment applications, paper mills, fume scrubbers and other similar challenging situations which demand robust and reliable leak-free pumping.