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SMV Series

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The Dickow SMV Series are single stage, single flow, self-priming, inline, side channel pumps.  The side-channel pump with its high differential head (achieved at low speed) has the advantage of operating more economically than standard centrifugal pumps for low capacities and high heads.  Vertical side-channel pumps are particularly suited to tank farms with underground storage tanks with a maximum diameter of 2.5 m.  The design of the pumps allows an installation directly on the dome cover so that suction lift is only slightly above the tank diameter and the suction pipe can be kept short.

The single elements of the multipolar magnet coupling are manufactured of Cobalt-Samarium with unlimited lifetime. The magnets in the driven rotor are completely encapsulated and not in contact with liquid.  Power is transmitted to the hermetically sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets.  Inner and outer magnet rings are locked together by magnet forces and work as a synchronous coupling.

The maximum operating pressure is 10 bar and the maximum operating temperature is 100°C.

For self-priming, it necessary to install the piping such that the operating liquid can remain in the pump.  During priming, a stable fluid film between the impellers and the disks centres the impeller in the chamber.  In applications where prolonged dry-running can be a problem, or when handling volatile liquids with low viscosities, the pumps can be fitted with additional SiC-rings to avoid contact between the rotating and stationary parts.

The pump shaft together with the impeller and the driven rotor is radially positioned in fluid lubricated sleeve bearings and axially fixed by start-up rings.

When coupled with Ex-drive motors, the pumps can be applied in hazardous area Group II, Category 2.  The pumps meet the basic safety and health requirements of Explosion proof Directive 94/9 EC and are suitable for plants with increased safety requirements.

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