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Internal Gear Pumps for Special Applications

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Viking's special application pumps are designed around Viking's internal and external gear pumping principles for reliable and efficient performance.  To maximise life cycle productivity and further enhance reliability, they incorporate the specific features and materials of construction best suited for the challenges poses by each fluid.

  • New asphalt pumps featuring Viking’s O-Pro seal with jacketed casing, head, rotor bearing sleeve and optional relief valve. More information here
  • Abrasive liquid pumps with hardened construction and silicon carbide seals
  • Ammonia pumps with double mechanical seal, pressurized seal chamber and oil reservoir, lubricated idler bushings and adjustable return-to tank bypass valves
  • Fluid transfer units with matched fluid transfer pump and fluid power motor
  • UL listed LP gas fueling pumps with O ring gaskets, lubricated idler bushings, and adjustable return-to-tank bypass valves

Abrasive Liquid Pumps

Viking's tough pumps can double and triple service life performance, in paint, ink, other applications thanks to tungsten carbide bearings and silicon carbide mechanical seals.  Slower operating speeds further enhance overall life cycle performance.

Steam Jacketed Pumps

Designed for heavy viscous liquids, like asphalt, that must be kept warm for efficient handling.  Casing, head, rotor bearings sleeve, are all jacketed for maximum temperature control.  Extra clearances handle thicker liquids for greater efficiency and longer life.  Rotor bearing sleeve is jacketed to prevent congealing hardening in stuffing box.

Vertical In-Line Mounted Pumps

Saves space and weight.  Mounts vertically or horizontally to electric motor, depending on the system.  Ideal for refining, petrochemical, marine, other shock-resistant construction applications.

LP Gas Fueling Pumps

Designed for fueling farm tractors, trucks, taxicabs and buses from central storage tanks, bottle filling and bulk transfer applications.  Lightweight and compact, all are equipped with o-ring gaskets, mechanical seals, carbon graphite bearings to best meet demands of LP gas.

Power Transfer Units

With matched fluid transfer pump and fluid power motors, Viking PTUs can fit modular or integral design for OEM applications.  Ideal for mobile or remote fluid transfer applications in limited space, and/or hazardous areas.

Custom Pumps Overcome All Challenges

Viking application engineers design pumps that overcome problems of high pressures, high viscosities, elevated temperatures, increased capacities, reduced space and liquid properties such as corrosion, abrasion.  Their knowledge, tools and experience help solve those difficulties cost effectively with a custom pump.

OEM Pumps

Viking engineers also design positive displacement pumps from scratch for OEM configurations and unique manufacturing processes.

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