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Gear Pumps

Internal & External Gear Pumps For a Wide Range of Applications

Our ranges of internal and external gear pumps cover capacities from microlitres per hour to 345 m³/hr.  Maximum discharge pressures between 8.7 bar and 150 bar can be covered, depending on the duty required and the pumped liquid's characteristics.

All our gear pumps give smooth pulse-less accurate positive displacement pumping over a wide range of temperatures and viscosities, from thin liquids to high viscosity liquids.

With a choice of wetted materials and shaft sealing options, we are able to offer you the right choice for your application. Talk to Michael Smith Engineers today about your requirements.

PumpsFlow RangeMaximum Pressure 
HNPM Internal Gear Pump microlitres to 1152 ml/min 150 bar More Info
Viking External Gear Pump up to 45 m³/hr 172 bar More Info
Viking Internal Gear Pump up to 345 m³/hr 17 bar More Info
Liquiflo 0.5 to 200 l/min 24 bar More Info
Micropump ml/min to 27 l/min 8.7 bar More Info