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Laboratory Pumps

At Michael Smith Engineers, we stock a comprehensive range of precision laboratory pumps from industry-leading manufacturers for use in laboratories, research and development (R&D), testing and precision machines and equipment. Michael Smith Engineers also has the necessary experience of the different formats, modules and technologies to help users select the optimum pump for their specific requirements.

The range comprises laboratory pumps from four industry-leading suppliers, all of which offer the compactness necessary for smaller applications and the accuracy demanded by exacting processes, coupled to a wide selection of flow-control options. A broad combination of motors and drive units, with a wide choice of wetted materials means that our pump range gives users the flexibility to tailor the pump model and type to match their exact application needs.

The pump range comprises Micropump Magnet Drive Gear Pumps, HNPM Gear Pumps and FMI Rotary Piston Pumps



Micropump is the inventor and market leader in low-flow, magnetically coupled gear pumps for OEM and industrial pump applications. All variants offer magnetically coupled drives, where the motor rotation is transmitted to the pump shaft magnetically through a static barrier, which means there is no need for rotating shaft seals. This arrangement offers multiple benefits, including increased system pressure capability and reduced downtime and maintenance, in conjunction with zero chance of cross contamination, less likelihood of leaks and no wastage – which also foster increased operator safety.

Offering accurate metering for a wide range of precision applications, capacities range from 8 ml/min to 27 l/min, maximum differential pressures from 4 to 17 bar and high system pressure models up to 340 bar. Primary applications include pharmaceutical production, portable power solutions, oil and gas analysis, food manufacturing and environmental sciences. Micropump can even boast applications on the International Space Station, Air Force One and the Mars Rover. A choice of corrosion resistant wetted materials and a wide range of AC/DC motors and programmable drives make this range incredibly flexible and suitable for huge variety of demanding applications.



We also offer six series of the MZR micro-annular gear pumps from HNP Mikrosysteme. These are low flow, miniature, positive-displacement pumps that suit a variety of different liquid media and viscosities, delivering accurate, pulse-free pumping. Applications include challenging roles in chemical, medical and pharmaceutical processing, biotechnology, ink and paint dosing, portable power sources/fuel cells and aerospace. The manufacturing tolerances of the rotors within the pump body are in the range of few micrometres, helping to deliver outstanding accuracy.

Six models are available from Michael Smith Engineers. They include the High Performance Series, which offers capacities from 0.0015 to 1,152 ml/min and differential pressures up to 100 bar. The Low-Pressure Series has capacities from 0.0015 to 72 ml/min and differential pressures up to 5 bar. The Hermetic Inert Series is a magnetically coupled model for aggressive media and offers capacities from 0.024 to 1,152 ml/min and differential pressures up to 60 bar. The Magnetic Hermetic Series, which is also magnetically coupled, offers an integral controller and has capacities from 4.8 to 72 ml/min and differential pressures up to 5 bar. The Modular Series delivers capacities from 0.0015 to 288 ml/min and differential pressures up to 40 bar and the Ex Series, with ATEX motors can deliver capacities from 0.0015 to 1,152 ml/min and differential pressures up to 80 bar.



The FMI rotary piston pumps we supply deploy a rotary reciprocating action to deliver continuous, accurate, positive displacement pumping over millions of cycles. Their modular design means that the pump head modules can be removed and replaced easily for cleaning or for adapting the pump for different fluid types and viscosities. The lack of valves also means there is less chance of clogging or leaking and they are instantly reversible. Their method of operation also means that there is negligible drift from set points. They are available in a wide choice of wetted materials and give users a choice of drives and controllers. Capacities range from microlitres per hour to 2,300 ml/min and discharge pressures up to 6.9 bar.

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