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DNA Testing and Protein Analysis

This application note provides an overview of the successful use of peristaltic pumps for the preparation of micro bead chip products for laboratory DNA and RNA testing as well as protein analysis.


A global company that manufactures genetic sequencing equipment for studying genetic variations and functions provides innovative, flexible, scalable and complete solutions to address research into disease. “Lab on a chip” products and analysis equipment for DNA, RNA and protein analysis are manufactured to support disease research, drug development and the development of molecular tests in clinics.


Innovation in bead array technologies and ‘lab on a chip’ products have provided for the company to develop scalable solutions and applications to be used as analysis equipment. Pumps are used to meter the volume of various compounds and reagents needed for the micro pore substrates of “lab on a chip” products. Micro bead chip products are used as analysis equipment for DNA and RNA purification and sequencing as well as other cytogenic processes.


Ismatec ISM933 and ISM931 IPC range of multi-channel peristaltic pumps is used to pump various compounds and reagents to create “lab on a chip” products. The pumps have built in dispensing controller drives with RS232 links. The AC power-generated, microprocessor-based drives accept an analogue signal or input from the RS232 link for control and monitoring of metered flows from a PC or PLC.

Peristaltic Pump Design

Pulsed metered flow

Handles a wide range of process media
Low shear of pumped of product No product degradation or contamination
Multi-Channel Multiple dispense lines - 8, 16 or 24 channels Handles multi-line production and sampling
Controller Drive Dispensed volume can be easily controlled Accurate and controlled flow rates and dispense volumes