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Pumps for the Food and Drink industry

Michael Smith Engineers has extensive experience in the supply of hygienic pumps to the food and drink industry. Whatever the stage of your production process, be it raw ingredient offloading or transfer, flavour and ingredient dosing, injection of additives, recirculation, cleaning, or final product handling or bottling, we can assist from our broad range of hygienic pump options.

Some of the hygienic food & drink sectors and applications served by Michael Smith Engineers include additives, animal feed, bakeries, beer, butter, chocolate, coffee, colourings, crisps, dairy, edible oils, fish oils, flavourings, fruit juice, honey, infusions, ketchup, mayonnaise, meat emulsions, milk, molasses, pastes, pet food, potato products, sauces, seasoning, soup, tea, vegetable oils, wine, and yoghurt.

Michael Smith Engineers’ pump ranges for the Food & Drink industry include:

  • Hygienic Lobe and circumferential piston pumps for viscous liquids such as sausage fillings, meat emulsions, ketchup, sauces, and yoghurt.
  • Hygienic centrifugal pumps for CIP, beer, wine, fruit juices, and milk.
  • Internal gear pumps for transfer of chocolate, hot oil, sugar syrup, molasses, and caramel.
  • External gear pumps for additives and flavourings.
  • Micro annular gear pumps for precise dosing of flavourings.
  • FDA compliant AODD pumps for beer, wine, and raw ingredients.
  • Barrel/drum pumps for delivery of ingredients or cleaning chemicals from IBCs.

The Viking rotary lobe and circumferential piston pumps are ideal for handling highly viscous liquids such as cream, tomato paste, jam, mayonnaise, glucose, meat emulsions, sandwich fillings and many more.

Many applications related to meat processing require regular cleaning and often clean out of place (COP). Viking circumferential piston pumps are designed for ease of disassembly and easy cleaning. Clean In Place (CIP) is also availalble. All Viking Pump Hygienic models are certified to 3A as standard, with some models avaialable with EHEDG certification.

Vikiging sterilobe

SAWA hygienic pumps are available electropolished to surface finishes with RA <0.4 microns, fully drainable, and can be EHEDG, 3A, or FDA certified.

SAWA’s centrifugal pumps, peripheral pumps, and side channel pumps can be used on a vast array of low viscosity liquids used in the food & drink industry. Such as beer, wine, milk, liquid egg, flavourings, salt solution, spirits, fruit juice, tea, coffee, infusions, colourings, concentrates, and many more.

The range is constructed from high-quality chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel 1.4435/316L, and includes CIP and SIP compliant units, dead space-free designs, and low noise operation. 


SAWA hygienic pump

Viking internal gear pumps have several applications in the food industry where a hygienic pump is not required. For example:

  • Hot oil transfer in the manufacture of potato crisps, chips and similar products.
  • Raw sugar syrup transfer where the high sugar content precludes bacterial growth.
  • Pumping of raw chocolate products such as chocolate liquor. For this application, Viking are able to provide a pump specifically designed for the chocolate market. 

Viking internal gear pumps can be offered in compliance with EC 1935/2004 which denotes that all wetted materials are suitable for food contact.

Viking gear pump

The Finish Thompson range of drum and barrel pumps are widely used within the food and drink industry for the transfer of wide range of liquids from drums, barrels or IBCs to the production area. Typical liquids include vegetable oils, fish oil, fruit juices, alcohols, cleaning liquids, honey, sugar syrup, saline solution, flavourings, fragrances, animal feed additives.

FTI Air FDA-compliant metallic and non-metallic air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are constructed from materials safe for pharmaceutical processes where EHEDG and 3A are not required. Available with tri-clamp connections, they are ideal for handling emulsions and viscous liquids. FTI AODD pump FDA
Liquiflo external gear pumps are available in variety of corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and non leaching internal materials and can be used for metering applications in the food industry. Typical applications include metering liquid food products. These pumps can be used where 3A or EHEDG certification is not required. Liquiflo pump
HNPM micro annular gear pumps are suitable for a wide range of tasks in the food and drink industry where highly accurate flow or dosing is required. Typical applications include precise dosing of flavourings and additives, product sampling, and laboratory analysis.  HNPM micro-annular gear pump