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Plastic Centrifugal (DB Series)

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The Finish Thomson DB Series is a range of leak-free magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. They are designed for high hydraulic efficiency (up to 70%) and corrosive fluid handling in flooded suction applications.

The series consists of 13 models with a maximum flow rate of 50.7 m³/hr and maximum differential head to 43.8 m. DB pumps are suitable for transferring fluids with viscosities up to 150 cP, such as sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and sodium and potassium hydroxide. Maximum operating temperatures are 82°C for the polypropylene version and 104°C for the PVDF version. DB models are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 6.2 bar. ATEX versions are available for pumping flammable liquids or for installation in areas with explosive atomospheres.

Recently Finish Thompson have added two multistage models to the DB range for low flow/high head applications.  The MSDB2 and MSDB3 cover flows to 16 m³/hr and differential heads over 60 metres with minimum flow capabilities as low as 5 l/min.  

DB pumps have the important advantage of magnetic drive technology, meaning no seals to replace and zero leakage. All models have Neodymium-Iron-Boron inner magnets, the most powerful and efficient available, completely encapsulated in unfilled polypropylene or PVDF for superior magnet protection. The outer drive allows measurement-free drive installation for perfect magnet alignment, permitting maximum power transmission.

A wide variety of optional components and materials are available to suit your application. When fitted with chemical grade carbon bushing, DB pumps can be run dry for extended periods without damage. The temperature of the shaft remains cool for hours of dry-run conditions, allowing fluid to be admitted without waiting for the shaft to cool. Shafts are available in high purity alumina ceramic, Hastelloy® C, or SiC.

DB Series pumps can be mounted to NEMA and IEC motor frames while NPT or BSP threads, adjustable flanges or union connections make it easy to connect to most process systems, reducing installation cost and time. Vertical installation is an option with IEC motor frames. For environments lacking a traditional source of electricity, a gas engine option, using a commercial Honda gas engine, is available. All models have a close coupled, back pullout architecture allowing straightforward installation and rapid dismantling and re-assembly.

Typical industrial uses include chemical transfer and processing, electroplating, water and waste water transfer, circuit board manufacture and pharmaceutical applications.

All pumps in the range come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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